Wednesday, 25 September 2013

1. Greasy Stripping

*Lmao please ignore the title. :( *

"I can't believe they left me in here with you. Again." She huffed purposely loud whilst gazing out of the bus window.

"You didn't seem to mind too much back then."

"Shut the fuck up." Not dignifying his comment with a smile she exhaled steadily and looked down at herself.

His smirk faded, all jokes aside he was freaking out just as much as she was. "You okay?"


He moved closer to her hunched frame. Her arms hanging miserably over the back of the seating. He didn't even notice she'd moved herself to such a weird position. Sat the wrong way around on the couch facing the window.

"Do you need me to do anything?"

"Just stop talking and leave me alone."


"I mean it, Drake. Just go be somewhere else right now."

"I can't just leave you." He shook his head. "Besides where'm I s'posed to go?"

"Well, just shutup then."

They were stuck on the tour bus in the middle of nowhere. No gas, no signal and no help. The rest of the gang had headed further up the road on foot in search of any civilisation. Leaving Drake to stay with Nicki. And at almost 7 months pregnant she wasn't the most fun person to be around right now. Especially considering he was Drake.

"I would put the aircon on but obviously we got no gas."

"No shit, sherlock." She snapped and brought her head up slowly. The discomfort visible on her face. "Do you ever say anything helpful? Ever? And please, don't bother answering that." She wasn't in labour or anything crazy. But the way things were looking it wasn't such a great scenario for them. They were in Arizona somewhere, on the roadside in the scorching sun.

"How did things get like this?" His voice was soft as he stared down at his hands.

Her irritability was becoming more and more obvious with each word he spoke. "How did things get like what?"

"This. You hating me for no apparent reason. I don't get it. We used to be so tight and now..." His wistful sigh ended the sentence. Completely oblivious to the thoughts and memories cycling through her hassled mind.

"Aye, you good to hold down the fort here?"

"Yeah, I'ont wanna be out late anyways." She smiled. "We're good here, right Drizzy?"

He looked up from the table and nodded. "Sure, y'all have a good night." Grinning kindly he watched everybody leave out, the bus doors shutting behind them. Drowning out their loudness as they headed away. 

"And then there was two." Her dimples appeared as she stared at him. "Whattya wanna do?"

"Sleep sounds pretty good right now. You know we ain't gonna get any when they get back. The party continues here."

"Smart point." Chuckling softly she gazed back down at her hands. He'd noticed she wasn't acting herself recently, something he'd been meaning to talk to her about and now was the perfect chance.

"You okay? You've seemed a lil' sad these last few days." The concern on his face warmed her.

"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Just missin' home I guess."

"Well, how 'bout we throw our own lil' party in here? Cheer you up a bit. I'm sure there's some bottles layin' around waitin' to be consumed." He smiled and stood up. "To be honest, I miss home too."

"You do?"

"Sure." He took a seat next to her. "We been on the road for weeks and it's our first time tourin'. I'm exhausted." They both laughed.

"I'm ready to hibernate as soon as I hit my home turf."

"My own bed, I been dreamin' of that mattress every night."

"Oh? So you don't like sharin' a room with the kid?"

"Never said that." He smiled.

"Whatever, go find that alcohol you were talkin' about." Pushing him gently as he stood she threw her shoes off and curled them underneath herself. "And bring some snacks back out with you."

She heard him laugh behind the screen as he rummaged around for the goodies.


"No, wait!" Covering her mouth briefly she continued to laugh loudly as he took another shot glass to his lips. "You were supposed to take your shirt off. C'mon now, Drizzy. Play fair."

He had no idea how this game had continued for so long and he was now wearing less items of clothing than she was. Shaking his head slowly he shrugged out of his shirt and tossed it to the ground with the rest of their clothes.

"Your turn." Clicking play on the DVD he smiled and watched her face as she studied the screen. Her features became emphasised when he clicked pause, signalling for her to utter the next line of the movie. "C'mon Nika. I know you know it."

"Oh my god." Moaning sadly she looked down and attempted to run the characters dialogue through her mind but it was no use. She had no idea what came next. 

"I'll give you a clue 'cause I feel bad. Frenchie speaks next." His brows raised, paying attention to every detail of her face as this information processed in her mind. She still had no idea though.

"I don't know." Poking her bottom lip out, her stomach churned as he poured her another shot.

"We gotta play fair, remember?"

"Motherfucker, shut up." Laughing with a hint of obnoxiousness she took the shot and downed it before unbuttoning her shirt and throwing it to the pile. After wiping her mouth with her arm she returned her gaze to him. He looked mesmerised to say the least. He had Nicki Minaj sat before him in only a bra and some tightly fitting jeans. "Now we're neck and neck, boy. Your turn." Swiping the remote, she clicked play and set up another shot. Already assuming he was going to fail, which became evident when she pressed pause and looked at him devilishly. "Guess the line."

"Whattya mean, what do I mean?" Laying emphasis on his facial expression he couldn't help but laugh when she erupted into giggles. It was the worst John Travolta impression she'd ever seen.

"You're so fuckin' goofy. I can't." Her cackle interrupted her own sentence three times before she managed to compose herself. "Wrong. Here's your shot and take off your pants, sir."

"I don't think so." He pushed the glass away. "Click play. I know I'm right. My Mom done watched this movie too many times for me not to get it." His adamance made her smile.

"A'ight, calm down. Just be ready to start unzippin'."

Both of their eyes remained stuck to the screen before his loud yell made her look at him. He was right.

"Didn't I tell you? Drizzy knows his stuff."

"Please, sit down. You know the movie "Grease" word for word. That ain' nothin' to be proud of." 

"Hey, at least I'm still clothed." He shrugged and started laughing when she cut her eyes at him.

"Nigga, press play before I hurt you."


"Are you serious right now?" Blinking lazily she watched as he nodded. The shots blurring her mind and sight as she tried to focus.

"You got it wrong so..." He shrugged. "Rules are rules."

"If anyone hears about this." She sucked her teeth. "I'mma tell everyone you only need one tiny ass hand to cover your dick with." Motioning to his crotch area she smiled as he rearranged his two hands to protect his dignity.

"That's a lie."

"Yeah but who'd believe you over me?"

Silenced by her question he just watched attentively as she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, letting it fall gently as she covered her boobs adequately with her arm.

[To be continued...Maybe. Idk yet.]


I know I'm done with writing and all that, but I do kind of miss it :/ I'm not good at it or anything but I enjoyed writing.

So I was thinking if I threw this out and expelled it from my system it might prepare to continue writing for my other fics. Idk. I just felt really stuck with them.

Also, one last thing before I go, this story is in NO WAY related to anything that's been going on recently. I've had this one swirling around in my mind for a while now but only just decided to type things up.

I hope it's okay for you guys.